Mr. Gay Taiwan 2016

Chronicles of Candor

2.3 History of Mr. Gay Taiwan

Mr. Gay Taiwan was founded in 2014 by Igor Scheurkogel and Scott Leveque with the purpose of including Taiwanese candidates in the Mr. Gay World competition. The Mr. Gay World global competition brings gay men together from different regions around the world to embrace and promote a message of equality and acceptance for members of the LGBTQ community. Mr. Gay World’s mission is “to demonstrate that both inward beauty and physical appearance are equally important as is leadership and confidence (”

In its foundation, Igor and Scott faced many challenges, because the LGBTQ community in Taiwan were not very connected, and most people were unaware of the existence of Mr. Gay World. Also, finding participants proved to be difficult, because Taiwanese society is not as open to homosexuality as many other Western countries. Though Taiwan is more progressive about LGBT issues than other Asian countries…

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