Taiwan Pride 2016

Chronicles of Candor

On October 29, 2016 Taipei hosted the largest Gay Pride parade in Asia. With over 80,000 people in attendance, people gathered to show their support for the LGBTQ community while also voicing their concerns for the legalization of gay marriage.

Just weeks before Pride, Jacques Picoux committed suicide by falling from a 10-story building. Picoux was a lecturer on French language and literature at National Taiwan University and his death was significant, as it was assumed that he committed suicide over his depression of losing his life partner of 35 years, Tseng Ching-Chao, to cancer. Due to gay marriage being illegal in Taiwan, Picoux felt helpless while his partner suffered during an emergency procedure. He had no legal rights that most spouses would have. Picoux thus became a symbol in the fight towards marriage equality (FocusTaiwan.com)

Five months ago, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the election in Taiwan, electing…

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