My 6 Best Photos of Taipei: January-June 2017

You know, going to college in Dublin, I was use to seeing some weird happenings. I once shared an hour and a half bus trip with a man with Tourettes. He was convinced he was on a beach on Jupiter and kept asking me if I wanted a ham sandwich.

In this light, nothing phases me in Taipei. I have seen some pretty damn weird happenings here, but nothing that would make me assume Taipei is weirder than any other city in the world. If you put more than a million people in a small confined area with a good public transport system, you are bound to come across some weird things.

So, for you entertainment and to prove a couple of people wrong, and myself right, here are some of my favourite snapshots of the happenings in Taipei.

  1. Foreigner dressed up as Spider-Man with an anime backpack. A Marvel Weaboo. I felt like David Attenborough.3.
  2. This is the “Taipei Daredevil On A Budget” on the MRT.6.
  3. I’m pretty sure this elderly man knew what was on his bag, he just didn’t care 8.
  4. This is one me and my girlfriend did together on Valentines Day in NTU. Whilst lovers made heart-shapes with the fallen petals, we decided to be a little bit more creative with them. We waited around for someone to see it. We weren’t disappointed by their reaction.4.
  5. This one just makes me sad (Girlfriend took this, not me)1.
  6. This is just a fat cat I came across. Nothing special, I just like cats.
  7. 8.
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