Lens of Taiwan: July-November 2017

It has been a very busy couple of months for me. I finally finished writing my thesis proposal. On top of that, I have other lectures, work, a social life and girlfriend. But, I do like to document the little things I come across or some take snapshots of what is going on with my life in Taiwan.


Image of men at work sign with Taiwanese characteristics.
Sign of men at work sign with Taiwanese characteristics.
BeerGeek pints of Guinness
A gent from Diaego gave everyone free pints of Guinness for the evening in BeerGeek. I was lucky I got home alive.
Drinks with friends in BeerGeek
One of my favourite parts of living Taiwan is being the friends I have here and spending time with people who are worth it.
Taiwan Greek Gyro
This street vendor serves very tasty Greek food and their gyros are to die for. He is located next to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station exit 2. $100 NTD for a “Lamp” gyro and it is worth it.
japanese place
寅樂屋 Torarakuya-Taipei



I can’t even remember the name of this Train station. It was just outside of Hsinchu and we ended up hitch-hiking to where we wanted to go after we arrived.
This was in the mountain in Heping District in a small resort that had log cabins. It took us a 3 hours drive from Taichung City to get here. It was the most relaxing retreat I have had in Taipei and we escaped the late summer heat up in the mountains.
This is the 1969 Blue Sky Hotel. It is a mixture of The Great Gatsby and Bioshock.


Ever wonder what happens when airlines tell you they lost your luggage in a Taiwanese airport?
I saluted and cheered Taiwan for all the happiness, challenges and opportunities it has given me and although Taipei 101 doesn’t represent all of Taiwan, it was a good enough symbol to cheer my appreciation.
Autumn is coming
Nangang Park is a great place to live in. Far enough to be quiet and close enough to be within a reachable distance of everything Taipei has to offer.
This isn’t even the gayest I have ever dressed before.
Big ginger head on me at the 2017 Gay Pride Festival and Parade
Fuck me indeed!
LGBT exhibition thatimg_3001-1img_3491-1532588333.385096-2img_3396530514949.615507-1img_3268-1img_3267-122893977_1627206600683077_2445664273827335419_n22894110_1627205817349822_4276910893243152776_n23622410_1654130317990705_7343361510939582865_nimg_3177-1img_3004-1img_3291img_3493-1img_3138img_3359-1img_3426-1img_3108-1img_3518-1img_3553-1img_3433img_3482img_3520-1533897491.148109533889736.043829-1533383254.815610-124293979_1673631839373886_3809551104615224171_n24068040_1674455789291491_6625976580704813530_n22008026_1587637621306642_8889658990513769891_n23519229_1645513175519086_6932895956056635436_n








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