最酥脆的蛋餅在山豬蛋餅|The Crunchiest Danbing in Taipei – Wild Boar Danbing

中文 Mandarin By – Amber L.

英文 English By – Tomas S. 



Danbing is often so different across breakfast shops that it’s hard to know just what a danbing is. This lovely breakfast food can be soft, hard, crunchy, or gooey. It can be a challenge to find the danbing that suits your taste buds. The good news today is that we’ve you covered if you’re looking for the best crunchy danbing in Taipei – Wild Boar Danbing.

Nestled in Qingguang market (晴光市場), the shop stands out with its lively music, decorations, and mostly importantly, its welcoming owners! It’s refreshing to see people that are passionate about the food they make, and to actively ask you how you’d like your food to be, and not simply tell you how it’ll be.

This danbing breakfast shop definitely stands out from almost anywhere else in Taipei, and if you’re interested in treating yourself, you should go check it out.

The Wild Boar Danbing – Attention to detail |山豬蛋餅的TLC

Wild Boar Danbing



It’s very rare to see such attention to detail and presentation for danbing, or for any morning market food in Taiwan. While New York-based Taiwanese restaurants have the reputation of making Taiwanese breakfast food both expensive and presentable, Wild Boar Danbing has both the presentation and flavor covered. They also don’t leave you wondering if you paid too much.



This breakfast shop has a wide variety of danbing, starting at NT$65 each. I can personally vouch that their jalapenos danbing is probably the spiciest one in Taipei. I’m a pasty Irishman, so try it for yourself and see if it’s actually spicy and let me know.

I’d also recommend their Taiwanese sausage Danbing, Pork Danbing, and their Duck Danbing. The best part, they all come with basil!




These danbings are the crunchiest around, and what really makes them stand out are their ingredients, and their attention to detail when cooking.

This isn’t a McDonalds grill. This is two amazing people making three danbings at a time. They clean and prepare all their ingredients on the spot, press the danbings to be super crispy, and clean everything once they’re finished to make sure the next danbing is just as good.

If you want something quick, simple, and easy, go somewhere else. If you want danbing with care and attention, go to Wild Boar Danbing. If you’re not crazy about the idea of waiting around, then hey, the good news is you’re in a market and can get some fresh juice from around the corner, or check out a little ama’s shop of clothes and trinkets while you wait

Where is Wild Boar Danbing?

Depending on when you visit Wild Boar Danbing, they might be swamped or not too busy. Generally, on weekends, they are a bit busy. The good news is, they’re looking to change location to have a better storefront and environment for customers.

Currently, their breakfast shop is located in Qingguang market (晴光市場) and there are a number of bus routes you can take to get there. We usually stop off at Minquan West Road MRT Station and walk for 5 minutes to get there. The shop also has a Facebook page that you should check out and drop a like if you’re feeling generous to these gourmet danbing makers.

If you have time this weekend, or if you’re close by, I’d really recommend this breakfast shop’s danbing.


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