How to Make Taiwanese Memes – Part 1 – Cross-Strait Memes

Memes are a means of delivering humour and ideas in a format that requires the least amount of effort. The only real effort is the level of creativity you have when matching content with your audience’s expectations.

That word “expectations” is vital when it comes to creating memes. Fans expect a certain persona and many memes pages stick to their own particular lane.

From niche meme pages and groups that make memes about everything from Lord of the Rings to simply posting the most vile memes possible for the maximum return on cringe-inducing like button smashing, memes are everywhere.

So, you’re here and want to know about how to make a meme in Taiwan as a foreign devil like me. It’s honestly the easiest thing you could do. Seriously, people wonder how I post so often and I mostly make memes while commuting to work or when I have an idea and 2 minutes to put together and post.

Where Can I Make Memes?

Making memes is super simple. I use Imgflip simply because it has all the templates I need, it’s super easy to use, and unless you want a specific font easily available without needing to download and upload it, this website should work for you. A word of warning however, the image quality isn’t always the best and you may find yourself searching for templates separately and uploading them to Imgflip yourself.

Cross-Strait Memes

It shouldn’t surprised anyone that the most popular memes a foreigner in Taiwan can create are simply China memes that showcase cross-strait relations for what they really are.

A bad break up that China never got over and Taiwan can’t wait to finally away from. Yes, China is that weird ex that just can’t let things go and insists on a consensus that they believe everyone else should believe. Worst of all, like all breakups, the friends had to pick sides and since China has cooler stuff, they went with them even though China is a bit of a dodgy person who keeps stealing their stuff and threatens them without ever actually doing anything.

Below are some examples of the memes that really hit well for impressions, engagement, and growing a following.

Well, there you go, cross-strait memes to last you a while, and if you’ve made it this far and want to get in touch, feel free to do so below.

Nihao's It Going?

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