Why ㄈㄈ尺/CCR is Misogynistic Ethno Nationalism

You want to know what’s more annoying than a white guy in Asia telling people Asian women are easy and love you because you are a foreigner? Local men telling Taiwanese women they’re easy and love western men because they are foreign. A while back I wrote an article titled “Are They Easy? A Stupid Question Asked About Asian Women.”

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To this day that article is still one of my most frequently read articles. That’s because there are a bunch of white dudes Googling “are Asian girls easy” and finding my article to call them out. I laugh about it every time.

Well, after all that time, I’ve come to something of a sensitive conclusion about a small, but generally online vocal group that behave in a misogynistic and an ethno nationalistic manner towards local women and foreign men in Taiwan.

Disclaimer – This issue is not a Taiwan only problem and is very prevalent for Asian men in Europe and North American

What is Cross Cultural Romance (ㄈㄈ尺) in Taiwan?

ㄈㄈ尺/CCR/ Cross Cultural Romance is a misogynistic and ethno nationalistic view that Taiwanese women are unfair to and look down on Taiwanese, while desiring foreign (usually white) men. The abuse received by women perceived to be ㄈㄈ尺/CCR are often labelled as “western sausage 洋腸“ and “western food 西餐妹妹” in an attempt to label them as being “easy” for foreigners and as being impure.

The majority of criticism and abuse is directed towards Taiwanese women, with foreign men being seen as intruders into the dating scene that need to stop stealing Taiwanese women.

Men that subscribe to this thinking are often seen as lacking self-esteem, having inferiority complexes, and generally themselves being unable to hold a steady relationships and blaming such woes on foreign nationals instead of themselves.

ㄈㄈ尺/CCR in Pop Culture – PTT and Music

ㄈㄈ尺 has some of its beginnings on PTT. For anyone not in the know how, PTT (PTT Bulletin Board System/批踢踢) was made by an NTU student in 1995 and is a time machine back to 1995 website design. There, you’ll probably find some very helpful tips and some of the most vile people online that are what you’d expect to find on Reddit and 4chan except they’re just on a Taiwanese forum speaking Mandarin instead.

It’s really not a shock given the site allows anonymity. If user-generated historical information can be trust on a Fandom page (that’s sarcasm), this is where I could find one of the first online documented mention of CCR/ㄈㄈ尺:

Fast-forward to 2018, the appropriately named singer 屁孩, released this CCR/ㄈㄈ尺 related song:

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says "快來跟我生個混血兒紙 1:33 3:07 282,535 282, views 屁孩 Ryan 【CC尺】 Official Lyric Video Mar 30, 2018 5.4K 210 SHARE SAVE"

The song is basically a sexist jab at women who date foreign nationals, specifically white men. That’s also not a popsicle, that’s a sausage in the video, symbolizing Taiwanese women and their fondness for western sausage. I don’t think I need to explain further. While being a parody, much like his persona, the song simply just reinforces ㄈㄈ尺/CCR attitudes instead of poking fun at them. Just take a look at the lyrics.

用我驕傲的口音跟你 (I use my proud/cocky voice for you)
Say hallo Hello I’m from Taiwan and I’m a whore.
只要高加索人過來我都脫 (I only want Caucasians to take off my clothes if your Caucasian)
我不知為何比起台灣人他們更喜歡我 (White Guy Perspective - I don't know why they like me more than Taiwanese men)

Mind you, this isn’t even the most offensive:

士林香腸我嫌太短 (I think Shilin sausage is too short)
都吃德國香腸嘴巴才塞的滿 (I eat German sausage until my mouth is full)
配上兩顆義大利的牛肉丸 (Served with two Italian balls)
汁液炸裂是滿口的異國口感 (The juice that bursts is full of exotic flavors)

As someone who enjoys parody and satire, I don’t think it’s captured in this song.

With three videos on this topic hitting a total of 952,000 views, with a high majority of thumbs-up and a comment section mostly finding the music funny, it does make me worried to see Taiwanese women that date foreigners described with the above lyrics, regardless of the satirical intention.

ㄈㄈ尺/CCR is About Taking Away Taiwanese Women’s Agency

Men (heterosexual) are not owed affection or sex from any woman. Nice guy syndrome and believing “women only like men who treat them badly” is similar to ㄈㄈ尺/CCR in that both these types of males take agency away from women. See, the nice guy will do everything they can to convince a woman they’re the best man in their life and will expect affection and sex in return. In other words, a man’s actions is a covert contract that they expect to be fulfilled by someone who may not be aware of their intentions, or rather do not see them as being desirable.

I’m a nice guy, and I treat you right, you should be with me, not that guy.

I’m a Taiwanese man, and you’re Taiwanese woman, you should be with me, not a foreigner.

Nice Guy Syndrome + ㄈㄈ尺 Syndrome.

I’ve always seen ㄈㄈ尺 Syndrome as not always being the racist thing it is, but rather a more sexist concept. It runs in the face of neo-colonialism and white privilege, and can be seen as a way to prevent the unfair treatment of Asians abroad in Europe and America, while white people are treated rather nicely in Asia. However, the cost of this and the focus isn’t white men, it’s Taiwanese women, and as much as we can discuss white privilege and dating preferences, the fundamental problem lies with misogyny wrapped in ethno nationalism.

Confronting Someone on Their ㄈㄈ尺 Syndrome

As hard as it might be to believe it, I’ve talked with a few local lads about the issue of ㄈㄈ尺 Syndrome. The vast majority all said these types were losers and were just keyboard warriors. Others mentioned that they have gripes with white worshiping and find it annoying when women talk about the superiority of white men over locals, while taking their frustration out on women and not prevailing attitudes in society.

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Eventually I met one guy on a night out at Revolver who spilled his beans. I obliged and listened.

I honestly would’ve thought he wouldn’t have talked to me about the issue. After all, I was part of the ㄈㄈ尺 equation. I guess it might’ve been my okay Mandarin and my charming beard that set him at ease to spill his beans. He thought I would agree with him that Taiwanese women are easier for foreigners, and that Taiwanese men are looked down on, not only in Taiwan but abroad. He isn’t wrong about that second part, in the US, Asian men are seen as the least desirable in online dating according to research.

Still, I asked him, “where do you go to find or meet women?” and he was a tad taken aback. I told him that men that want to find a woman that are generally more liberal and open to sex would go to nightclubs or certain places that we all know about. Likewise, I told him, in any country, there are social settings to easily meet woman, and to call them easy is to insult them. I told him, listen to this:

“He’s an easy man.”


“She’s an easy woman.”

Which sounds more natural? The latter. As people, we are programmed to congratulate men on scoring, and disgrace women for their sexual adventures. The same comparison can be made for Taiwanese women:

Taiwanese woman dating a foreigner = 西餐妹 Western food

Taiwanese man dating a foreign woman = 英雄 A hero

The guy listened and agreed with me on many points but still felt it was an unfair dating scene. I then reminded him white men in Taiwan are less than 0.01% of the population and that he must be easily afraid to find that percentage threatening. You have a higher percentage chance of dying in a car accident than that percentage.

ㄈㄈ尺 with Chinese Characteristics

Way back when I lived in China, it was a given that many local men disliked foreigners. In many ways, China is interesting is that it wants Western movies, music, language, products, and ideology, all without the westerner. I can still remember being told that the CCP announced they didn’t want foreign influence in Chinese universities and education, all the while my classmates were studying Marxism for their graduate school entrance exams. Maybe the CCP forgot Marx was a German 外國人.

Anyway there was always something floating around against foreign men, but it was surprising to see government sanctioned foreigner bashing against telling women to be careful when it came to dating big nosed foreigners, as seen in this LA Times article.

For sure ㄈㄈ尺 syndrome in China is far worse, along with racism and attitudes of ethnic superiority, and Taiwan already does a better job than perhaps China, Japan, and Korean in this regard.

ㄈㄈ尺 – An Ongoing Issue of Misogynistic Ethno Nationalism in Taiwan

The issue is still rather prevalent today as it was when it was first brought to wider attention in 2012. It’s also just one issue among a great many when we also consider Southeast Asians, black people, and other non-white folks in Taiwan and the abuse they receive in the dating scene and the subsequent misogyny their Taiwanese partners go through for picking someone not ethnically Taiwanese to date.

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The truth is, someone else’s romantic life is nobody else’s business. To judge someone for the ethnicity of who they date regardless of discourse is wrong. We can discuss discourse, understand white-worshiping and white privilege in the dating scene, but it can’t be used as a reason to attack women for having agency. That within itself undermines any meaningful conversation that’s sincere.

If you haven’t had enough on this topic, then I suggest checking out Vivian Wu’s Facebook post on this issue, and also checking out Womany for anyone that can read Mandarin.

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