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I am am Irish Masters degree student in Taiwan. I started writing this blog in 2015, back when it was strictly a bit of a dumping ground for my thoughts on different Sino-esque topics.

Since coming to Taiwan, my blog has taken on a far more focused role of viewing Taiwan. Thankfully, I studied Mandarin for four years during my undergrad, so I am quite prepared for whatever linguistic challenges that may present themselves.

I once gave a two-hour lecture on Northern Irish history in Mandarin. I surprised myself considering the lecturer invited me and told me it was only for 15 minutes.

I have experience in journalism, radio, media and marketing and this blog is my little outlet to describe my thoughts. I try my best to avoid comparing Taiwan unfairly and I also do my best to be fair in my judgments. If you think what I am writing is wrong for any reason, I welcome you to discuss it with my via Facebook, Twitter, or below by email.

I know what a lot of people think “great, another foreigner writing a blog about an Asian country.” I sometimes think of myself like that too, but I try my utmost to be genuine and write about things that matter to me.

If you want to contact me, you can do so below. For business or for pleasure, I don’t really mind.

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