Why did you start Nihao’s It Going?

I always think that there is no point in living anywhere, both internationally or domestically, if you aren’t taking in your surroundings and asking questions. I ask questions and explore topics as a foreigner in Taiwan, and a lot of what I write about is either an international perspective, or it is addressing issues for international people in Taiwan.


Who am I?

I’m an Irish person from Belfast with a Bachelor’s in Chinese and international business and a Master’s in international communications. I began learning Mandarin in 2011 and I have since become proficient enough to impress taxi drivers and random people I have to have to politely ask to move out of my way on public transport.


Why did you come to Taiwan?

In 2016 I was offered two scholarships; one from China to attend Tsinghua University, and one from Taiwan to attend National Chengchi University. I already spent 2013-2014 living in Beijing and after a lot of thinking and wondering what PM 2.5 does to my body, I decided to come to Taiwan.

A few things sway my decision to come to Taiwan, namely:

  • Taiwan is a democracy
  • Taiwan is transparent
  • Taiwan respects the rule of law, not law by rule
  • Taiwan does not censor internet access
  • Taiwan allows you to work part-time and study (China does not)
  • Taiwan was recommended by friends that have lived in China and Taiwan
  • Taiwan is a really nice place to live

In September 2016, I began attending NCCU in Muzha, and as of the middle of 2018, I graduated, and I’m now working as a digital marketer in Taipei.

What makes me stay in Taiwan?

Every time I return to Ireland for a trip I get homesick for Taipei. I miss the convenience of things and easiness of it all. Taipei for me is home and, while living here, I’m never really that far from the city, or that far from nature. I enjoy the banter with locals and my partner is Taiwanese too, so that helps! I guess I don’t have any solid reason for staying in Taiwan after finishing my Master’s beside my partner, enjoying where I live, and enjoying the work I do. I think those are pretty good reasons.

What do I do in Taiwan?

I work in marketing in Taipei, with experience across a lot of industries. I’m currently working with a freight tech company.

Making first contact

I’m always open to anyone that is interested in a chat. Feel free to drop me an email below, or you can contact me on my Facebook page.