Dublin, Ireland – When it comes to any issue, there are always invariably two opposing sides. Like many others I am usually sat on the fence taking bits and pieces from both sides, unless of course an issue is as clear cut like racism or social inequality. Most of the time I am left on […]

Dublin, Ireland – Today more than ever, we are living in an increasingly globalized world. Not only is business and finance globalized but so is culture. Although people from all nations and cultures have the same basic universal needs and wants, we still live in a world where we can only make sense of it […]

Taiepi, Taiwan 09.17.2016 – When dealing with any issue, it is important to never let yourself focus on the idea of duality. You know, things are black and white or left and right. Contrasting anything this way will always inevitable lead to some kind of conflict insofar as creating ‘us’ and ‘them’ type of thinking. I […]

Dublin, Ireland – Within the Western psyche, the apocalypse has an underlying presence. This has manifested itself through religious faiths and mythology. From the Norse and Ragnarok to Christianity and the End Days, the Western psyche has through the millennia not only believed in creation stories of our existence, but also in Armageddon. In China, […]