Taipei, Taiwan 27.09.2016 – For many of you who are reading this blog, you are undoubtedly aware of what the word ‘Laowai’ (老外) means. It is a simple way to describe someone foreign to Taiwan (That is isn’t Korean, Japanese or Chinese). On the surface it makes sense. The logic is that it is difficult […]

Dublin, Ireland – When it comes to any issue, there are always invariably two opposing sides. Like many others I am usually sat on the fence taking bits and pieces from both sides, unless of course an issue is as clear cut like racism or social inequality. Most of the time I am left on […]

Dublin, Ireland – Today more than ever, we are living in an increasingly globalized world. Not only is business and finance globalized but so is culture. Although people from all nations and cultures have the same basic universal needs and wants, we still live in a world where we can only make sense of it […]