Research Papers

The Western Perspective of China in Africa: Another Heart of Darkness in US Newspaper Reporting(Long Read)

1. Introduction The ‘dark continent’ is a metaphor used by Western perspectives to view Africans as a people who need to be civilized and modernized. Modern Western discourse of Africa is affected by the colonization era, and more recently, by the post-colonial economic development of the continent. (Jarosz, 1992). It was Golan (2008) that found […]

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Taiwanese universities appeasing Chinese insecurities is a dangerous game

Universities signed agreements, or as some universities have claimed, “documents,” to exclude sensitive topics in their courses that are offered to Chinese students. These actions have been defended as nothing more than formalities that allow Chinese students to gain the necessary paperwork to study in Taiwan. This is, however, no excuse for jeopardizing the academic […]

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