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Getting a Master’s degree in Taiwan: Likes and dislikes of Taiwanese universities from a international student’s perspective

After completing my Master’s in June 2018, I sighed because I was so relieved. For a long time, I was quite dissuaded from finishing my program. I was never sure what I was doing, learning, or even knew how this was going to help me. What kept me going was realizing the opportunity afforded to […]

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Gentrification in Taipei: Kick out the old, bring in the new

Taiwan, like many countries in the 1980s, pursued an economic model of neoliberalism. This was a time when Reaganomics and Thatcherism were in full swing. Many economies were turning away from a Keynesian approach for a more market-oriented economy that would meet its demand with the supply at hand. Like all economic models, it was […]

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