Taipei Cinema Park: Street Art, Skateboarders and Dogs in Prams

I walked from Nangang Park to Taipei Cinema Park. With so much free time, walking across the city seemed liked a perfect waste of time that I could afford. These types of long walks are perhaps the best because you inevitably come across something you would not otherwise. In my case, it was Taipei Cinema Park, with it’s street art. The 10km walk should have taken me 2 hours, but I took many detours. I originally intended to walk to Ximen, Taipei’s Shibuya, but like all interesting things one comes across, it took me a detour to find it. The Park was lively with skateboarders, people drinking beers and of course it would not be Taiwan if there was not at least one person present walking their god in a pram.

The street art was quite interesting. It is quite rare to find so much street art confined to one location in Taipei. It is easy to find individual pieces dotted around the city, and even easier to find people tagging businesses with their terribly spelled English. Although the park is called Taipei Cinema Park and seems to have a large screen in it for viewing pleasures, I was not sure if it is still running. It didn’t seem like it was. If you have time in Taipei, I would recommend a trip to see the park. Hopefully you can avoid the crowded streets of Ximen when you do so.

Nihao's It Going?

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